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Lesho is a Modern Intelligent Industrial door manufacturer in china with 28 years experience, committed to providing different industry background customers with complete customized Entrance Solutions in clean room areas, low temperature refrigeration areas, and loading bay areas.
Our product range include: High Speed door series, clean room door series, cold room door series, Sectional door series, logistic Equipment and Big Hangar door series .
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LESHO Solution

LESHO Application

1. Food Industry
2. Pharmaceutical Industry
3. Car Industry
4. Warehouse and logistic
5. Electronic Industry
6. Packaging industry
7. Textile industry
8. Cold Chain,Cold Storage
9. Agriculture(Green House)
11. Shipyard
12.Public Rail Way Station
13.Chemical industry, heavy industry
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Based on product quality and customer service ,we have develop our customer in so many overseas country.

Now, we have customer in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sinapore, Malaysia, Indonisia, Southeast, Middle east, Central American, South American and so on .


The welding room is a workstation for the robot arm to perform daily spot welding. When the robot arm is working in the welding room, there will be strong lights, welding slag, and other harmful objects, which are certain dangers for the workers on the outside. Therefore, the welding room will have

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At present, the common door types used in industry are hard fast doors, fast stacking doors, PVC quick doors, and sliding doors. Affected by the national energy conservation and environmental protection policies and labor laws and regulations, the operating speed and airtightness of the door body in

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At present, there are six kinds of fast rolling door openings on the market: manual, remote control, ground sense, pull rope, radar induction, and double door interlock. The on-site environment applicable to different opening control methods is also different.  Manual control: manually pull to contr

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The combination door is installed two industrial doors in a hole:· Lifting door (outer door): also called sectional sliding door, lifting speed 0.15-0.2m/s· PVC fast door (inner door): lifting speed 1.2-2.0m/sWhy is it necessary to install a combination door, this does not increase the cost. Before

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