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Operation Way Of The High Speed Door.

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Operation Way Of The High Speed Door.

At present, there are six kinds of fast rolling door openings on the market: manual, remote control, ground sense, pull rope, radar induction, and double door interlock. The on-site environment applicable to different opening control methods is also different.

  Manual control: manually pull to control the opening and closing of the door body. This opening method is equipped with almost all quick doors. It is convenient for people to use in the event of power failure or emergency.

  Remote control: The remote control has four buttons: open, close, stop, and lock keys. The receiving end of the remote control is connected to the main control box of the quick door. When the button is pressed, the door body will make corresponding actions. However, the person using the remote control must operate within 10 meters of the door, and the distance is too far.

   Radar sensor: The radar detector is generally installed on the upper side of the door of the fast rolling door. When the moving object enters the detection range of the radar detector, the door will automatically open, and the door will automatically close when the person is out of the detection range. This control method is suitable for most industrial industries.

   Geomagnetic induction: The geomagnetic induction is mainly applied to the places where vehicles pass frequently, so that when the vehicle is approaching, the magnetic field of the geomagnetic ring will be induced and the door will open immediately.

   Rope switch: The rope switch is to install a rope behind the door, and the door can be opened and closed by pulling the rope.

Interlocking device: This control method is only suitable for fast rolling doors with at least two or more doors. In this way, when one door is in the interlocked state, one door will be in the open state, and the other door will be in the closed state. Clean room, clean room, clean room and other locations.

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