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Robot Protection High Speed Door

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Robot Protection High Speed Door

The welding room is a workstation for the robot arm to perform daily spot welding. When the robot arm is working in the welding room, there will be strong lights, welding slag, and other harmful objects, which are certain dangers for the workers on the outside. Therefore, the welding room will have a matching protective door.

   Protective doors are divided into many material types, each material can be adapted to different requirements and functional occasions:


   First, the common type of transparent: called transparent pvc rolling door, the entire door curtain is all transparent form, you can clearly see the working conditions of the internal machinery and equipment from the outside.


  Second, transparent protective type: the door curtain is transparent yellow and transparent red color, in addition to internal and external observation, it can mainly protect against strong light, arc light, protect eyes and personnel health; transparency should resist ordinary transparent type.


   Third, the hard protection type 1: Protect the soft rolling door. The door curtain adopts a thickness of 3mm. The door curtain is a matte form, which can resist hard materials, such as sharp objects and hard objects in arc welding.


   Fourth, the hard protection type 2: Hard turbine rolling door, the total thickness of the door body is 4 cm, the strength against hard objects is greater, and the protection is higher.


  The robot welding room protective door has another advantage. Under the premise of fast operation, it can protect the personnel's limbs from injury: anti-pinch hands and anti-pinch arms. The working method of the welding room's protective door: it is connected with the robot arm through the control system, the protective door is fully opened and closed automatically, and the commands issued by the machine can be heard.


  The robot welding room protective door is opened normally every day. Frequency of use: 2000 to 000 times, service life is more than 10 years. AC servo motor, single-phase 220V, power options of 0.75kw and 1.5KW, the interlocking signal of the protective door of the robot welding room is through a passive contact: NPN.PNP.

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