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High Speed Door Spiral Door Features

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High Speed Door Spiral Door Features

At present, the common door types used in industry are hard fast doors, fast stacking doors, PVC quick doors, and sliding doors. Affected by the national energy conservation and environmental protection policies and labor laws and regulations, the operating speed and airtightness of the door body in industrial production Performance, thermal insulation, wind resistance and other performance requirements are getting higher and higher. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the above-mentioned common door types, and see what kind of door types are used in industry?

1. High Speed Sprial door: The operating speed of the hard fast door can reach 0.8m/s--2m/s, the wind resistance of lESHO hard fast door reaches the national standard 6 level, and it can resist 12 winds; water tightness Up to the national standard level 6; air tightness to the national standard level 3. At the same time, the unique broken bridge door panel design, so that the door has a good thermal insulation. It can well meet the requirements for the rapid opening and closing of the door in the industrial production process, and can realize the intelligent control of the door linkage, which can well reduce the heat loss inside the workshop and the external gas exchange, and has good performance in energy saving and consumption reduction.

2. Quick stacking door: The stacking door curtain is composed of pvc industrial woven fabric and wind resistance rod, which has good wind resistance performance, but because the design of the door body of the quick stacking door is relatively simple, the fast stacking door can only be opened Partition effect to dust and wind. The running speed of the door body is 0.6m/s--0.8m/s, there is no thermal insulation effect, so the fast stacking door can only meet the dustproof and windproof partition effect.

3. PVC quick door: The curtain is also made of PVC industrial woven fabric. Because the roller reel is used as the power shaft, the operating speed of the PVC quick door is better than that of the fast stacking door, and the operating speed can reach 0.6m/s--1.2m /s, but there is no thermal insulation performance, wind resistance can resist 8 winds.

4. Sliding door: In the early days of industrial doors, the sliding door was widely used as an upgraded product of the electric rolling shutter door. The door panel is also designed with a broken bridge, but the running speed is only 0.2m/s better than the sliding door. Around, because of the slow running speed, it is easy to cause the loss of heat and can not meet the requirements of use.

In actual operation, many factories currently use a combination of sliding door + pvc quick door to meet the daily use requirements, but the biggest problem with this is that it can only achieve the effect of rapid partition, and the insulation and wind resistance requirements cannot be met. The use requirements, and the performance of the hard fast door is greater than the combination of the sliding door and the PVC quick door, which meets the use requirements and reduces the operation and maintenance costs.

  In summary, we have summarized the characteristics comparison of various types of industrial quick doors:

  Operating speed: hard fast door>pvc fast door>fast stacking door>sliding door

  Airtightness: hard fast door>sliding door>pvc fast door>stacking door

  Insulation: hard fast door>sliding door>pvc fast door>stacking door

  Watertightness: Hard rapid door>Sliding door>PVC quick door>Stacking door

  Wind resistance: Hard rapid door>Sliding door>Stacking door>PVC quick door

  Therefore, in the use of industrial quick doors, hard quick doors have become widely used and excellent performance choices.

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