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Best Choice To Replace The Combination Door.

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Best Choice To Replace The Combination Door.

The combination door is installed two industrial doors in a hole:

· Lifting door (outer door): also called sectional sliding door, lifting speed 0.15-0.2m/s

· PVC fast door (inner door): lifting speed 1.2-2.0m/s

Why is it necessary to install a combination door, this does not increase the cost. Before the development of the hard fast door, the speed of the lift door used as the peripheral door was only 0.2m/s. The door opening and closing distance of 5 meters high was close to 1 minute, which obviously could not meet the requirement of fast opening. In this case, many manufacturers have recommended combination door collocation to meet the demand. The opening speed of this door can be 0.8~2.0m/s, so that the PVC fast door meets the requirements of fast opening. However, the main body of the door of the PVC fast door is composed of cloth curtains, which cannot achieve the function of anti-theft. The lifting door can achieve the function of anti-theft and heat insulation, but it cannot meet the requirements of rapid opening. In this case, an opening appears This is the case with the installation of two doors (day and night combination door)

However, with the current industrial research and development, the successful development of the hard fast door, because it can quickly open and can play the role of anti-theft, there is a large demand in the market, so it is recognized by more users.

Its function

1 Quick start

According to the size of the door, the opening speed can be adjusted to 1.2m-2.0m/s, to meet the requirements of high frequency rapid opening, the door opening time of 5 meters high can be completed within a few seconds.

2 Insulation and anti-theft

The rigid fast door reaches or even exceeds the speed of the PVC fast door, and at the same time, retains the advantages of sliding door insulation and anti-theft.

The door with such a good performance was introduced by the company's technical staff, and this hard fast door was adopted. The current feedback situation also meets their needs.

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