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Freezer High Speed Door



Designed for cold storage,the LESHO freezer high speed door allows fast traffic in and out your freezer room, minimizing temperature variations. Its excellent seal limits the loss of cooled air and saves energy.

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Our High Speed door series include Universal Economy high speed door, zipper high speed door, cold storage high speed door, aluminum alloy hard high speed door, and stacked high speed door, protective room high speed door (robot protection, welding room, conveyor belt), explosion-proof high speed door, can Meet various needs in different application scenarios.

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All of our high speed door series are equip with the advanced Italy AC Servo control system and have the following features(Except the explosion proof high speed door) :

1.High Speed Running:

Our servo Motor max speed is 2500 rpm,

door max operating is 2.5m/s.

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2. Precise limit .    

The system use special double encoder design.

Double encoder can check with each other and avoid overshooting ,guarantee the precise limit.


3.Soft Running.

The Torque servo system can adjust Torque to load automatically when the door running ,and ensure the door running smoothly,soft star and stop.

4.High Frequency.

The Advanced AC private server permanent magnet motor with the servo control system ,make the door with better movement accuracy and quicker response and quicker response ,even under high frequency operation ,the motor can keep good working condition.And the test shows ,the motor can run more than 2000 times/day.

5.Control box Humanized design

User-friendly control box with LCD English Screen and self-diagnosis function,simple setting parameter and operation.

Integrated design, aviation connector, make the wire connection easily.

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6. Interlocking, interconnection function.

Programmable external module, and comply with the MODBUS-RTU, RS 485 contact .Can be linked with other equipment ,like the air shower ,robot, VGA Vehicle and so on.

Freezer High Speed Door

1 .Insulated PVC Sandwich Fabric

Thermal insulated sandwich fabric, double layer. Total 30mm thick. Filled with insulation wool inside.Improve the energy-saving effect of insulation.

2 Anti-Freezing Heating Device

The Freezer high-speed door is equipped with anti-freeze heating cables inside the sliding rails on both sides,and the heating energy is installed in the control box to prevent the icing phenomenon in the sliding rail and prolong the service life. This can avoid damage for door fabric and driving system when the door is frozen steadily.

3 Self-Repairing And Air-Tight Design

The soft curtain anti-collision cold storage door has an Self-repairing structure design.After accidental impact, the curtain is released from the track,and self-repair is completed in the subsequent ascending process ,which saves maintenance cost and personnel input for the cold storage user, so it is used for frequent access. The buffer channel is the most economical choice, and it is the first choice for energy saving in the cold chain logistics industry.


Technical Data:

Max dimension:

3000mm wide*4500mm high

Max opening speed:


Max closing speed:


Wind resistance:

Beaufort scale8(20m/s)

Power supply:


Protection level of electric:


Available colors of fabric:


Thermal insulation factor:




Sound insulation factor:


Available colors of slat:

Yellow,Blue,Red,Grey,White, customize available.

Design Service Life:

15 years

Shanghai Lesho Door Co., Ltd.
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