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Vehicle Resistant



Rite-Hite pioneered the vehicle restraint industry by introducing the Dok-Lok® in 1980. Rite-Hite has continued to evolve Dok-Lok truck restraints to meet the changes and challenges of the industry, including trailer design, loading dock design and regulatory compliance.

Rite-Hite Dok-Loks, also referred to as truck restraints, trailer restraints or dock locks, are known world-wide for:

Exclusive Dok-Lok safety features, which address more types of trailer/dock separation than any other restraints.

Exclusive light communication system that provides FULL-TIME communication of the Dok-Lok status to the forklift driver at the loading dock and while inside the trailer.

Superior quality resulting from unique design characteristics, the highest construction standards and years of research and development.

Proven long-term reliability confirmed by an extensive list of satisfied repeat customers.

Rite-Hite Vehicle restraints are designed to provide the highest level of safety based on your application. Dok-Loks are the only truck restraints in the industry that provide full-time communication of the lock’s engagement status to the forklift driver.

Know Your Risks

1. Early departure: a truck driver mistakenly drives away while a lift truck is entering, leaving, or inside the trailer.2. Trailer creep: a trailer can move substantially under the weight of a forklift entering and exiting a trailer.3. Landing gear collapse: weak or damaged landing gear gives way and the trailer pitches forward or falls to the side.4. Trailer pop-up: the weight of a forklift sends the rear of the trailer forward and down, causing the nose to rise.5. Trailer upending: the weight of a lift truck sends the trailer’s nose down, causing the rear end to move up and away from the building.

Once the lorry backs to the position of loading / unloading, its tail end will touch and press down the entire steel frame with a built-in spring to allow it to back-up completely against the steel frame. Then the operator presses the control button to hoist up the hook and hook the cross-bar of the lorry tail;

The hook could bear a force as high as 16,000Kg. The locking device will also automatically adjust the fixing condition with the cross-bar of the lorry bar to ensure safety per the floating height of the lorry tail during loading and unloading. After the loading or unloading is finished, the operator will press the button again to release the hook. If the lorry deviates from or the cross-bar of the lorry tail isn't at the effective locking position, the locking device will be under wrong working conditions. Then, the alarming device will sound an alarm and warn the operator that the lorry isn't locked normally.

Safe and reliable

The spring access device ensures that the hook is touch closed with the crash bar of the lorry;

The hydraulic hook is 12mm thick and strong to provide a force as high as 16,000Kg;

The locking device can be adjusted automatically according to the height level of the lorry crash bar without any external force; The hook could hook up the tail bar and the dock lock could be installed under the platform; the spring can move in a vertical direction with the lorry to ensure that the loading process is safe and smooth;

Clear traffic light system gives the lorry driver guidance.

Wide applications

The locking hook can have a 300mm adjustable height, fitting every lorry height.

Less maintenance

The outside oil pipe makes it easy to add oil;

Hydraulic oil tank of transparent plastic material to display the oil level clearly;

Reliable design and parts to ensure the lowest maintenance frequency.


PLC control circuit allows selecting additional safe devices (such as photo cell, pressure valve);

I/O communication ports are available to connect the external inter-lock photo cells (such as dock leveler, sectional door etc) and pressure switches.

Effectively avoids the risks from possible unexpected departures, slippage or overturning of the lorry;

Safe and reliable to provide a force as high as 16000kg;

The locking hook can have a 300mm adjustable height, fitting every lorry height;

Clear traffic light system gives the lorry driver guidance.

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