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Dock Shelter


(Mechanical Dock Shelter,Sponge Doch Shelter,Inflatable Dock Shelter.)

The Dock Shelter is the best solution to achieve a perfect seal between the loading and unloading port and the bracket.

Modern logistics or factories have increasingly higher requirements for cleanliness during loading and unloading, temperature control of the internal environment of the warehouse, and sealing and heat insulation. The use of door seals can effectively improve the internal environment, heat preservation and consumption reduction during loading and unloading.


Mechanical Dock Shelter

The mechanical door seal can be flexibly adjusted according to the size of the car, suitable for various occasions, and can meet the needs of most customers.

The top and side curtains of good quality are mounted on a retractable galvanized steel frame, which constitutes a stable and durable structure that is flexible and flexible. It can protect the cargo being loaded from wind and rain, save energy expenditure, and avoid gas convection.



· Flexible size, can adapt to different models with large size difference.

· The curtain plate and the frame are independent components, which can be easily assembled with bolts. Similarly, replacement and maintenance are also very simple and economical.

· The flexible and flexible structure does not have high requirements on the strength of the external wall of the building, and the pressure is small, which can be applied to different walls.

Sponge Dock Shelter

The fireproof sponge filled inside the sponge door seal has excellent thermal insulation performance, and is especially suitable for low-temperature preservation or freezing loading and unloading ports. It can reduce the heat exchange of cargo circulation and loading and unloading in a limited way, greatly reduce the cooling energy consumption and save energy costs.



· Suitable for vehicles of uniform size.

· The interior is filled with fireproof material, the surface layer is PVC fabric with self-extinguishing function, and the sides that are in frictional contact with the vehicle on both sides and the top are equipped with extremely wear-resistant and squeeze-resistant folds, which is safe and durable.

Optional models:

Adjustable sponge door seal

It is suitable for loading and unloading areas with different thermal insulation requirements.

Inflatable Doch Shelter:

The adjustable range of the inflatable door seal is very large, which is very suitable for occasions where the size of the truck changes greatly. The inflatable door seal tightly surrounds the freight car compartment, and its excellent sealing effectively prevents cold air from entering the warm room or hot air from entering the cold storage, thereby achieving energy saving. After the loading and unloading is completed, the blower is turned off, and the airbag will quickly and efficiently discharge the gas in the airbag under the action of the counterweight and the built-in tensioning rope. Excellent thermal insulation, sealing, high efficiency and other properties make the inflatable door seal applied to heat preservation and air tight Places with high requirements, such as cold chain logistics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.



· Applicable to any size car models.

· Seal the insulation space.

· The top and both sides are 42mm thick polyurethane sandwich insulation boards, and the supporting profiles are anodized aluminum alloy profiles, which form a sealed insulation space when loading and unloading.

· Strong airbag structure.

· The airbag adopts its wear-resistant and pressure-resistant blade scraper material, which can withstand high temperature, ultraviolet rays, corrosion, etc.

·  The top and side curtains are made of double-layer polyester fabric fiber with a thickness of 3 mm and UPVC coating on both sides to protect the inflatable airbag. The high-frequency welded inflatable airbag can resist harsh weather and maintain elasticity for a long time.

· The airbag can be fully opened within 10S, and can be fully retracted within 10S.

Technical Data:

Application location

Cold chain ,Cold Storage Loading bay

Power supply:

3-phase 380±10%V,50/60HZ, 0.75kw.

Working tempeture:

-30 ℃-70 ℃.

Air Bag Material:

Highly PVC airtight material; 0.9mm thick

Running Speed :

10 s


Top 600-1000mm, Side 600 mm.

Standard size:

W3400*H3600 mm

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