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The European Standard Folding Door



The European standard folding door has a beautiful appearance and is automatically integrated by hand. It can be opened automatically. It can also be opened manually in an emergency. Manual opening is easy and fast. Widely used in fire centers, subway entrances, high-speed rail entrances, train entrances, large-scale factory buildings, etc. The top can be specially designed to reserve high-voltage line insulation openings, or top crane rail sealing openings.

1. Hand-automatic integration.

In an emergency, you can quickly switch to the manual state, effortless, easy and fast to open and close.

2. Beautiful appearance.

Italian hidden frame design, no welding seam on the surface, no border between the door panels, the connection is tighter and firmer, and the appearance is greatly improved. The color of the door panel can be customized according to the RAL color card. The surface of all accessories will be anodized / galvanized / sprayed. The surface color can also be customized to match the color of the door panel.

3. Good thermal insulation and sealing effect.

57mm and 77mm polyurethane sandwich door panels have excellent thermal insulation effects. The top and bottom of the door body are sealed with high-density double-layer brushes. The door frame and each door panel are made of EPDM sealing tape. Strong resistance to harsh environment, no deformation for many years.

4. Strong corrosion resistance.

The standard door panel is a double layer 0.6-1.2mm aluminum zinc plate or aluminum plate. Under the same conditions, the service life is more than four times that of the ordinary zinc plate.

5. Flexible operation.

The door structure of the multi-leaf structure allows partial opening when the door does not need to be fully opened. A small door can also be selected, and the small door can be equipped with an emergency escape lock. Reduce switching time, and heat loss.

6. Modular assembly.

The door panel and all structural parts are connected by pre-buried rivet nuts, the assembly and installation of the whole door is simple and easy to operate.

Application location

Fire station,Subway way,high speed train station,factory and so on.

Power supply:

1-phase 220±10%V,50/60HZ, or3-phase 380±10%V,50/60HZ

Protection of Electric:

IP 55.

Working temperature:

From -50℃ to 70℃

Single Door leaf:

W:0.65-1.5m. H:4-13m. Height ≥8m,77mm thickness door leaf.

Max Dimension:


Running Speed :


Thermal insulation:

4m*4m whole door ,U=0.84 W/m2℃.

Whole Door Thermal insulation:

42mm Normal panel 5000*5000mm ,1.0W/ (m2·K).

75mm Thermal Panel 5000*5000mm,0.55W/ (m2·K).

Wind resistant:

Beaufort scale 10-12(28m/s-35m/s),950 N/M2,4m*4m

Air tightness:

2.5m³/㎡*h. Under the 50 Pa   pressure. Door width ≥ 4m.

PU Foaming density:


Fire Rated PU Foam:


Sound Insulation:

R= 22 dB

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