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Sliding Hangar Door


Automatic Motorized Airplane Sliding Hangar Doors for Aviation or Airport

We have the most professional technical and design personnel, which can be customized according to customer requirements and hangar conditions to provide you with different sizes and different forms of customization options


1.Mainly suitable for passenger aircraft. Large processing workshop library, etc.

2.Can be manual or automatic.

3.The main door adopts the lower bearing and the upper guiding structure. After the door is opened, many fans overlap on both sides of the door.

4.The door leaf is made of steel frame.

5.The panel adopts Baosteel’s pressure-type color plate, fluorine-free environment-friendly polyurethane foam board and polycarbonate sun board for users to choose.

The door opener adopts electromechanical integration device and adopts PLC frequency conversion control.

6.The travel limit uses photoelectric sensing without contact limit.

7.There are sound and light alarm warnings during the opening process. Infrared detection is blocked when it is blocked. In case of power failure, it can be switched to manual open state.


Technical data:

Applicable door opening


Reserved size on the upper edge of the hole


Reserved size on the side of the hole

≥door leaf width+500

Hole depth dimension

Working voltage frequency


Motor Power

n×1.5-3W(n is the number of the door leafs)

Running speed


Door thickness


Adapt to temperature


Wind pressure resistance


Sound insulation




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