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Round The Corner Hangar Door


When the hangar door is opened, the door leaf is opened in translation and turned to the side wall of the hangar. After fully opened, all the door leaves move to the side wall of the hangar, effectively saving space and allowing the entire width of the hangar to be fully used. It is suitable for small hangars with sufficient hangar depth, such as fighter jets and helicopters. Good lighting, good sightseeing effect, low maintenance rate, manual and automatic integration, easy operation.



1.The door panel can use GRP board, fireproof rock wool board or color sandwich board, and can be equipped with a variety of lighting windows, which have the characteristics of sturdiness, weather resistance, heat insulation, flame retardant, sound insulation and sealing.

2.The door is connected by multiple doors using hinges. When the door is opened, the door moves along the arc track to both sides of the door opening to realize the opening of the door. It has a small footprint, good wind resistance, stable operation, and beautiful appearance. , Flexible opening and low noise.

3.According to customer needs, it can be equipped with a variety of protective devices such as pneumatic safety edge and infrared induction to ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles.

4.The user can choose remote opening and closing, or remote centralized control. In case of power failure, it can be switched to manual opening.

5.Compared with other door types, it saves construction space and greatly reduces the construction cost.


Technical data:

Applicable door opening


Reserved size on the upper edge of the hole


Reserved size on the side of the hole


Hole depth dimension

Door opening width/2+1500

Working voltage frequency


Motor Power


Running speed


Door thickness


Adapt to temperature


Wind pressure resistance


Sound insulation




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