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Hermetic Sealing Doors



The Hermetic Sealing doors is a sliding door that integrates air tightness, sound insulation, heat preservation, pressure resistance, dust proof, fire prevention and radiation protection. Generally used in hospital operating rooms, food factory clean rooms, industrial plant laboratories and other clean room environments with high requirements for sound insulation and air tightness. In these environments, air pressure control and hygiene are essential.

Because of its excellent sound insulation and noise reduction function, it is also widely used in conference rooms, recording studios, etc.



1. Special Air tightness design.

Unique sinking structure of max 15mm downwards and 10mm inwards to make sure the door plate is tightly pressing the floor and frames, greatly enhanced the performance of air tightness.

2. GMP Seal rubber.

All around the door leaf with seal rubber ,the Seal rubber comply with the GMP Standard with excellent air tightness ,meet the cleanness requirement .

3. Soundproof.

Operating quietly and fast, good performance in sound insulation.

4.Humanized operation.

Humanized barrier free design provides the max convenience and safety to the patients and wheel barrows.

Structure chart:




Technical data:


Hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, conference rooms, recording studios, etc.

Standard size:

1200 * 2100 1500 * 2100 1800 * 2100.Double 3000*2100

Door window:

with arc window / outside inner circle window / square window

Filling Material:

flame retardant paper honeycomb / fireproof aluminum honeycomb / rock wool

Surface treatment:

Indoor surface electrostatic spraying / outdoor fluorocarbon spraying / 304 stainless steel

Operation way:

Hand induction / foot induction / infrared induction / microwave induction

Open-close door running speed:

250-550mm / s (adjustable)

Power supply voltage:

Power supply voltage: AC220V 50-60HZ



Design Service Life:

20 years

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