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Clean Room Emergency Exit Door


Clean room door and windows are widely used in all kinds of Clean rooms ,like food or drug factory clean workshop, pharmaceutical factories ,laboratories ,hospitals and other

occasions ,where there have high requirement of the cleanness .It completely comply with Food-grade, pharmaceutical GMP standard and Electronic dust-free grade.



1.Continuous-Seam Welds.

Smooth surfaces and corners are easy to clean, ideal for critical bio/pharmaceutical facilities.

2.Surface spray electrostatic resin powder

The thickness of the paint surface is not less than 70um micron grade paint surface. The paint surface has stronger adhesion and durability.It is resistant to general disinfection and is more suitable for long-term use in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries that require frequent cleaning and disinfection.

3.All around seal structure.

All around the door leaf equip with Food grade seal rubber ,is made of silicone rubber, which has good durability and is harmless to the human body.The bottom of the door leaf is automatic seal strip ,its designed according to the GMP Requirements,after the door close ,the sealing strip will automatically go down and close the gap between the door leaf and ground.

4.Vision panel.

The door window adopts double-layer hollow tempered glass and is surrounded by black printed edges (white printed edges). The window on the door is flush with the surface of the door leaf. It is beautiful and easy clean, and does not fog in the environment. , affecting observation.

Automatic Clean Room Swing Door

The clean room door with automatic door opener can automatically open and close without touching, greatly improving the cleanliness level. It is easy to open manually when it is convenient and safe.



In areas with high pedestrian flow, there is no need to touch the door handle, which can reduce the risk of cross-contamination and help eliminate the spread of bacteria among employees, customers, patients and visitors. The hand-sensing switch can activate automatic doors through contactless fluctuations. It is an ideal choice for sanitary control no matter what industry you are in.



Clean room emergency exit door

Application: The emergency escape door of the clean room is set at the emergency escape passage in the clean room. In addition to the common characteristics of clean room doors, it also has the following characteristics:


1. Emergency escape device.

Equipped with the panic device, this door can be easily opened from inside at any time, which is convenient for personnel in the clean room to escape in an emergency. The escape device can also be linked with the fire center to issue an alarm.

2. Large area windows.

The selected fire-retardant tempered glass is the door with a better view, and can also break the window in case of emergency to escape.

Technical data:


Hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories,  etc.

22V N

900*2100,customized available

Door window:

Square large glass

Filling Material:

flame retardant paper honeycomb / fireproof aluminum honeycomb / rock wool

Surface treatment:

Indoor surface electrostatic spraying

Door lock:

Down-pressure fire channel lock


Stainless steel detachable hinge




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