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Transparent Cold Storage Swing Door


Flexible PVC free door

Flexible PVC is an insulator with excellent performance. It is air-impermeable, water-impermeable, low thermal conductivity, and can effectively save heat. It is the best material for making flexible industrial doors in space division, freezer, cold storage, ice factory, warehouse Industry, food factory, feed factory, chemical factory, pharmaceutical factory, electronics factory, machinery factory, welding factory, fire protection factory, printing factory, fresh market, vegetable restaurant kitchen, etc., any size, forklift access, slaughterhouse and other harsh environments Can be used

Application location

Small cold storage



Max Dimension:

W2500*H4000 mm.

Door panel thickness:


Running Speed :


Door leaf surface material:

PPGI or stainless steel ,

Guide rail material:

Aluminum Alloy

Working tempeture:


PU Foaming density:


Fire Rated PU Foam:


Stainless steel swing door

2.The window of the door is made of organic film, which ensures the strength of the window while seeing the opposite situation clearly, even if the window is broken, it will not appear in the form of "broken", effectively avoiding secondary injury

Supermarket  Retail  Institutional  Food Service

Warehouse Distribution

Hinge is designed with self-closing function

3.Observation window is formed by polymethyl methacrylate(PMMA)for protection from shock and vibration.

5.This door is ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical industries where frequent access is required.

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