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Industrial Sectional Door



Industrial Sectional Overhead Door Widely used in various industrial occasions because of their scientific torsion spring balance system and multiple safety devices. Its double-layer PIR sandwich door panel gives it excellent thermal insulation, wind resistance, and flame-retardant and fire-retardant properties. Therefore, sliding doors are widely used in factories, logistics loading and unloading areas, medicine, food, electronics, printing and other workshops and areas that require high indoor environmental temperature cleanliness.


Excellent thermal Insulation.

Double layer PPGI,inside fill with high density PIR Foam.(50kg/m³), the 75mm door panel U value can reach 0.30 W/ (m2·K),at the panel joint area, there is special cold bridge design will avoid the energy conduction through this area ,great improve the whole door thermal insulation ,the whole door U value can reach0.51W/ (m2·K)(without wicket  so its quite fit for the freezer room that under 0 ℃.

112 (2)

Excellent air tightness Performance .

All around the door equip with EPDM Seal rubber ,such kind of rubber will not deformed by the bad weather ,will offer the excellent Air tightness and reject the dust and insect into the indoor environment ,also save the energy cost for customer ,so the door are also widely used for the cold room or warehouse.


Fire rated:

The Fire rated PIR Foam flame retardant grade :GB8624 B1, EU standard NF-P92-503, Germany standard M2 DIN 4120 B1. Especially fit for the building that have high level safety requirement


Excellent wind resistant performance.

Especially our Back Rib panel ,its special used for the big door opening size within W11.4*H4.5m.Even under this door opening size .its also with excellent wind resistant .


Low maintenance ,long work life.

Benefit for the balance system ,the door was close and open by a small power ,so the motor bear a little power ,the working life is greatly improved ,and low maintenance.


Automatic-manual operation mode:

When power is off or faulty,it can be turned on or off by manually operating the chain.The balanced torsion spring system counteracts most of the tension at the opening. It can be opened with a little force by hand or easily opened with a hand chain

Due to the Aviation plug, the wire connection is very easy.



The running speed can reach 0.3m/s ,and the various operation way will make the door more intelligent ,and improve the transport and production greatly.

Control Options:

Push Button.

Remote Control.

Radar and infrared motion sensors.

Inductive Loop detection (detects vehicles same as traffic lights).

Interlocking with other doors (allows only one door to be open at a time for hygiene control).


Technical Data:

Application location

Both interior and exterior

Power supply:

1-phase 220±10%V,50/60HZ, or3-phase 380±10%V,50/60HZ

Protection of Electric:

IP 54.

Max Dimension:

Anti-wind door panel with back reinforcement W11.4*H4.5m.

Max Dimension:

Normal panel,W8000*H8000mm.

Running Speed :


Thermal insulation:

42mm Normal panel 0.51 W/ (m2·K).50mm thermal type0.4W/ (m2·K).

75mm Thermal Panel 0.30 W/ (m2·K).

Whole Door Thermal insulation:

42mm Normal panel 5000*5000mm ,1.0W/ (m2·K).

75mm Thermal Panel 5000*5000mm,0.55W/ (m2·K).

Wind resistant:

Beaufort scale 10-12(28m/s-35m/s)

Water tight:

70 Pa no leak, Door width ≥ 8m.

Air tightness:

0.4-2.5m³/㎡*h. Under the 50 Pa pressure. Door width ≥ 4m.

PU Foaming density:


Fire Rated PU Foam:


Sound Insulation:

R= 24 dB

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