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LESHO HVLS fans are used in factories, warehouses, education, sports centers, commercial buildings, agriculture and greenhouses. It can greatly save cooling and heating costs, improve the indoor environment, and increase people’s comfort.


1. Excellent Energy saving.

After so many years test ,the HVLS Fans can save heating cost 45%, save the cooling cost 30% .

2. Efficent

Our HVLS Fans is very quiet and smart.Greatly improve your indoor environment ,improve your employee comfort,thus improve the work efficiency.

3.Cut the cost

We use the latest brushless DC motor,this kind of motor is free from maintenance,reduce your maintenance costs.


According to the following information ,we can supply the professional solution for you :

1. On-site measurement of space size.(CAD Drawing will be better.)

2. Building structure.(Steel ? Brick?or concrete ?)

3.Summer or winter energy cost situation.(Power consumption, number of air conditioners, power, turn-on time, etc.)

4.Location and form of existing HVAC.(CAD Drawing will be better.)

5.What is your most want to improve? (Employee health and comfort? saving electricity cost ? and condensation problems? )

Technical data:



Power supply:

One Phase AC,110-240V,50/60 HZ.

One phase,AC,208V-240V,50/60 HZ

Protection level of electric:

Indoor Rated

Max air volume:

719478m³/H,AMCA 230-99.

Noise at maximum speed:


Working temperature:

-10℃-+50℃,Normal deceleration after exceeding this temperature


1 controller can control 10 sets Fans.

Shanghai Lesho Door Co., Ltd.
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